Chapter 9: The Doorway of Redemption

Redemption is God’s design to take broken pieces and mend them back together. Without it, much like a mangled automobiled destroyed after a wreck, we are left without solutions. God’s ministry is redemptive in nature – He only exposes to heal, not to point out “bad.” He begins to seize our lives one piece of time, setting broken parts in place to fix, heal and redeem. Sometimes exposure can be brutally painful – like setting a shattered bone. But there are profound, powerful and life giving processes of the heart He is preparing on our behalf. Everything we will ever need or gain from God can be realized at the cross. Everything. This chapter is about administering a spiritual solution to you first before we learn how to apply to others. It is the model for all the activity we will be doing in the relational rooms of our heart. Honestly, there are no solutions apart from the cross. We can receive practical tools that aid in making better choices. We can make better choices moving ahead. But to deal with what’s broken, infected, hurt, violated and invalidated – we need the power of Jesus. The problem is that by definition, codependence is a skewed system of love that misunderstands grace. Thus, the revelation of this truth will be the catalyst of all transformation, hope and healing. Can I ever give this the merit it deserves? I don’t know – but by God’s grace – we are going to try! This class contains powerful tools, spiritual protocols and the most dire need we house – the understanding of powerful, radical, unconceivable grace.

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Chapter 9 – Redemption (Graphic)

Chapter 9 Redemption Outline


Father God,

Bring me to the reality of the cross where grace was offered to me. Help me to see beyond the head and transport this to my heart. I pray for an experiential encounter with the God of the Universe – where I am stripped down from anything other than Your perspective, plans and purposes. Draw me to you – take my hand and lead me. I want to see you, know you, trust you, and be used by you.

In Jesus name – Amen


Next week we’ll take the reality of the cross and then break down restoration of human relationships in more practical terms.