You were designed to be free

Emotionally Healthy, Spiritually Strong

We are an online recovery and healing ministry designed to set hearts free and to bring life solutions to the more complex issues of trauma, family systems, codependence, addiction cycles and other injuries of the heart.

Upcoming Live Events Beginning October 2020

Finding Safe Workshop Experience

Overcome fear, anxiety and trauma through God’s love and safety

Starts Monday, October 19, 2020
at 9 AM (PST)

8 Week Course
6 Week Workbook & Journal

Taught by Stephanie Tucker
Suggested donation $40



The Christian Codependence Recovery Book Study Group

Learn about codependence by going chapter by chapter through live teaching and workbook reading. 

Starts Wednesday, October 21, 2020
at 10:30 AM (PST)

14 14-Weeks 

Taught by Stephanie Tucker
Suggested donation $55

Boundaries & Breaking Cycles of Pain Workshop

Now available

Heart-focused Counseling

Become who God created you to be

Develop healthy relationship skills

Bring healing from trauma and past events

Develop boundaries and healthy relationship skills

Develop intervention plans when needed

Learn true intimacy and identity with God, self and others

Christian codependence recovery

Are you interested in coaching?

Sign up for our interest form. Programs start soon! 

When Addiction Overwhelms, You Need a Resource to Help

Breaking Point Intervention Coaching is a way to develop a healthy perspective of your circumstances and to develop a plan to move forward. Our coach will assess the dynamics and then delegate a process where you can take ownership of decisions and choices. 

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Living Free Institute

Empowered Learning for Life

Addiction, Codependence & Chaplaincy Training

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Finding Safe

Finding Safe is a 8-week course with a 6-week workbook and devotional designed to re-write the mindsets of fear with the power of love. It exposes the presence of fear, the power of trauma and the reality of relationship strains while offering an even greater resources that births calm, gentle and peace in the middle of our storms.


35.00 (Suggested)

Boundaries & Cycles of Pain

This boundaries workshop is a four-hour mini-course workshop that will introduce the concept of cycles of pain including how to manage victimization, rescuing and shame. The workshop is intended to give empowerment tools to make better choices and to then draw that into practical plans.


$60.00 (Suggested)

A House that Grace Built

A House that Grace Built takes you into a journey of your inner world to learn about love, intimacy and the processes of restoration. This course goes for 21 weeks and offered on-demand.



Christian Codependence Book Study/Workshop

The Christian Codependence Recovery Book Study is a journey through the heart of God where we explore His perspective and His pathways towards love, peace and wholeness. Codependence isn't a label to claim, but a mindset to release. Through the power of authentic connection and gentle truth, we can re-learn God's plans and find the purpose for our lives.


What People Say

I am no longer hopeless, and I have been able to share that hope I have found with some of my family members and friends. And now, I am not only seeing changes in myself, but also in my marriage, and with my family members as well.
From Huntington Beach, CA
Today, I am free. I am free to believe that God loves me like no one else ever could, free to believe that He is good, free to believe that God alone makes my life valuable, and I am free to be me.
From Orange County
I have been so blessed with Spirit of Life Recovery. The workbooks and the counseling have brought me to a much more meaningful relationship with Pappa God. Thank you! Tina is the warmest and empathetic counselor I ever had
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