Previously Registered Course Access

Over the past few years, we have introduced the following classes live and on-demand on a preview basis. Doing this helps us better develop the final material we are publishing. Now that these publications are officially in publication, we are no longer offering them to new participants. If you have participated and are registered already, you can sign in below! If you have never registered, registration will open again once the final books are in print! 


Grace Based Boundaries: Breaking Cycles of Pain (with Conflict Resolution)

Accessible only to those already registered! This book is in publication. New registration is no longer open. Please log into the course if you already registered. Once this book is in final print, we will be offering a live and new on-demand option!


Levels of Faith: Growing in Grace

This course will help you to assess the growth of your spiritual journey though the amazing resource of grace. You will evaluate the mindset of freedom over the mindset of religion.

Finding Safe

This is preview material only for people who have previously registered for a class. New and updated content is in the process of review and publication and will be available within the year.