About the Founders

Founded with a burden to see the church revived and people to be healed and set free.

Dr. Robert and Stephanie Tucker began Spirit of Life Recovery in 2010 as part of a God-given vision to reach out and assist those struggling with their own or someone else’s addiction or emotional issues. Overwhelmed by the vast needs both in the church community and the society as a whole, Bob and Stephanie wanted to provide a safe haven where people could “come as they are” and receive the help they need.  They have since then helped thousands of individuals and families find hope and healing.

Robert is the pastor and counselor of Spirit of Life Recovery Church, as well as the Director of New Life Spirit Recovery. He also serves as the president of the Association of Christian Drug & Alcohol Counselors, an education provider for counselor certifying agencies in California and throughout the nation. Robert holds a variety of professional credentials,but more important, he has an amazing testimony of deliverance from drug addiction. Through his own experience, and later his professional education and experience, he now passionately teaches and trains future counselors on the process of healing and deliverance. He emphasizes how both the soul (mind, emotions and will) and the spirit require healing and growth in order for bondages to be removed, and life-long change to occur.

His wife Stephanie is the Director of the family program at Spirit of Life Recovery.  She directly works to help family members deal with addiction, using both practical and spiritual resources. Stephanie is a gifted speaker who is extremely passionate about helping those in ministry learn how to serve and love others through God’s resources, preventing the exhaustion and burn-out that so often occurs. She published The Christian Codependence Recovery Workbook: From Surviving to Significance which has become popular material used in the churches and recovery group. In the fall of 2012 a second workbook was published called A House that Grace Built. This takes readers on a journey of learning how to live out life in relationship with God, self and others with the healthy tools and coping mechanisms that God provides. These resources can be accessed by clicking here.

Together, Robert and Stephanie recently authored Christian Families in Recovery released in 2014. This is a resource that walks families through addiction, into intervention and ultimately through a recovery process.

Robert and Stephanie enjoy living on a ranch in Temecula, CA where with their two beautiful daughters, Isabella and Arianna. 

4 thoughts on “Founders”

  1. Camilla Stevens

    How can I get info on your program, interested in this for my daughter. We are in Michigan. Looking to see if it’s affordable for me. Thank you

    1. Hello – I’m so sorry, I hope you were able to call our office or find another way to contact us. If not, please call Robert at 714.612.7197! Or our office at 714.841.1906!

  2. I recently ordered your book “The Christian Codependence Recovery Workbook.” When I received it, the cover is on backwards and upside down & the pages read right to left (backwards). Also sentences are cut off at the bottom of many pages. It says in the book on the first page to contact you directly for publishing issues. Can you help? I ordered via Amazon.ca

  3. HI Sarah! I just saw this! Amazon does print our books on-demand. Since it is a print issue, there is nothing we can personally do to correct it unfortunately! That’s so crazy, I will check and find out what the problem might be! Be sure to contact customer service on Amazon and report the problem. I will also report it. They should send out a new book immediately. If you are not getting results, please feel free to e-mail me at stephanie@spiritofliferecovery.com. I will send one to you personally!

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