Clinical Staff

Clinical Staff

Our team of professionals are skilled in the area of addiction, codependence, family systems and other crisis-oriented situations. The are trained in the area of trauma, rooted issues and clinical protocols for developing intense treatment plans. 

Dr. Robert T. Tucker, Ph.D., D.Min., LAADC, ICAADC, SAP

Executive Director 

Pastor Bob is affectionately known to have a love for those suffering from addition and other ailments of the heart. He has taught and trained counselors for over 15 years, and has equipped thousands of men and women to walk and live in freedom by dealing with rooted issues. 

Dr. Stephanie Ann Tucker, D.Min. SUDCC V, ICADC, MFC, MDAAC, CCS

Program Director

Stephanie has a passionate heart to help people recognize the distorted patterns of codependence love systems by meeting and knowing Jesus in a personal way. Her books and workshops have ministered to tens of thousands and she has gained worldwide recognition for her books and resources. 


Clinical Supervisor – Huntington Beach Office

Tina a skilled counselor who leads our Huntington Beach location where we help over fifty families at a given time. She has helped hundreds of individuals and families gain restoration and freedom through the use of the tools of healing and recovery principles. 

Lynne Montegary, CATC, CADC-CAS, LCC

Workshop Leader and Counselor 

Lynne is a beloved workshop leader who has been running our on-site groups for over five years. She has a unique ability to connect with the individual needs inside a workshop and bring a connected community. She also works one on one with men and women through our counseling program. 

Dr. Daniel Deghi, CADC II, SUDCC-II, LCC, RAS


Dan is our male counselor at our sister organization, New Life Spirit Recovery. He offers his valuable counseling skills for this ministry for the men that need outpatient services above and beyond a structured treatment program. Dan is known as a professional that uses spiritual, clinical and practical tools that lead to life and freedom. 



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