Help with a Family Member with an Addiction

Watching someone you love spiral into addiction’s grip is one of the most horrifying situations a person can face. It can feel impossible to know where to go and what solutions offer the best outcomes.  In 2020, addiction has been redefined, and trying to grapple with answers has become disheartening to the Christian that wants to retain their belief and faith. 

At Spirit of Life Recovery, helping family members work through addiction’s presence is our great passion, and we have developed content and materials to assist with both practical and spiritual remedies. There is a pathway to be take if you have a family member with an active addiction, a pathway to be taken with a family member who is in recovery. 

We have worked with this dynamic for two decades, and desire not only to help family members gain clarity, but find their own space to be empowered for healing and hope. 

What we offer: 

  • Breaking Point coaching ministry – click here
  • Breaking Point download (free download)        
  • Addiction online help for the person struggling – click here
  • Christian Families in Recovery Workbook – click here 
  • Christian Families in Recovery Videos (coming soon) 
  • One on one counseling program – click here