Help with Addiction through Christ-centered, family-focused solutions

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For twenty years, Robert and Stephanie Tucker ran sober living homes as well as New Life Spirit Recovery, a state-certified drug and alcohol provider. In that time, they helped thousands find healing, hope and restoration in Christ by dealing with the roots that drive addiction. Today, they are focusing their attention on developing materials, resources and an online program that allows for treatment to be ministered into the home. They are using a proven formula along with family resources to restore not only individuals, but marriages and family systems.

Does online work? Not always! But for the right situation, it is a perfect solution. Getting addiction support at home can create a seamless transition into “real life” as solutions are integrated with day to day situations. Depending on the need, we can offer up to three individual sessions a week.

We do an assessment to determine if a person is eligible for online support. Some people need a structured environment for the early stages of recovery. We have worked in a residential and outpatient treatment and well as through an online counseling center, so we understand each environment. We will be honest, caring about the client’s outcome and success as our first priority.

Our team of professional have worked inside a formalized treatment setting. Stephanie Tucker leads a family group online or through on-demand content. To learn more about our team, click here.

What we provide:


Preliminary assessment. We do a preliminary assessment to determine if someone is eligible for online counseling. We can provide a list of referrals for treatment programs and sober living homes.


Assessment for Counseling. We offer the tools of assessment to understand the roots that drive addiction. By the time someone is prepared to counsel with us, they have already maintained some level of sobriety and have additional recovery support in place. With this, we are able to work in depth with their recovery need.


Step by step program:

We are a project-based, spirit-led counseling program that deals with the before and after effects of addiction. We look at why, how, where and when addiction was formed as well as the damage that it did. We lead clients through a grace-based strategy of overcoming the power of addiction and developing lifelong coping skills to resist the temptations in the future.


Materials and content:

We use a wide range of materials and content that will highlight and accessorize the healing process.


Family program (optional)

While this is optional, it is highly encouraged. A family program allows us to work with your family member to train, equip and facilitate healthy boundaries post-counseling program. Our goal is to birth healing into the entire family system.

Aftercare planning

We offer planning to help orchestrate a long-term plan for people follow their counseling program. We also offer ongoing coaching options that allow a client to remain connected to us.

What are costs? 

We request a donation of $2,000 for an assessment, customized action plan, 12 individual sessions and family sessions. This price can be broken into payments if necessary. It can be spread over a 30,60 or 90 day process. Additional sliding scale can be provided depending on financial need.

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