Help with Marital Healing

If you have direct questions regarding the marriage program, please contact Stephanie Tucker at or dial directly 714.457.3803

Helping both sides of a marital crisis naturally evolved into a program of marriage healing. Our philosophy isn’t the same as traditional counseling approaches, and we encourage you to learn more as you pursue different options.

We currently offer individual and marital counseling online. We offer intensives as availability allows where these processes begin within an on-site format. 

We believe that for marriage to be healed, the hurt in each partner’s heart needs to be revealed. We don’t seek to manage the external make up of the relationships first. Instead, we go into the wounded areas that are often buried below the surface. These wounded parts lead us to understand the connection of the marital hurt with the individual needs presented. We navigate through separate processes with each spouse individually; as well as create marriage sessions that offer a bridge of empathy, understanding and redemptive healing. 

While the process does require vulnerability and the willingness for both partners to look within, it promises the true foundation of healing and the impact of grace, perspective sharing, forgiveness and the willingness to press a “reset” button. It will be healing from the root, rather than behavioral modification (which doesn’t work). Our process invites and includes the heart of Father God and the resource of grace as the source of redemption and power to change. 

To accomplish this we: 

  • Meet with the couple to determine the goals, willingness of each partner and learn the basic dynamic
  • Ask both partners complete comprehensive online assessment testing
  • Work with each partner individually (amount can be determined) 
  • Work inside the marriage issues by addressing rooted issues – not simply build skills such as communication. Those skills can be easily added one the main injuries are healed. 
  • Provide ongoing support as needed to make sure the deep healing can translate into a long-lasting friendship
The program costs can range significantly, and we can work to develop what will work. Ideally, we encourage 12 individual sessions and 12 couple sessions. Individual is sliding scale of $50-125; Marriage rates are sliding scale of $75-$175. These payments can be provided per session or at a discounted package rate. Please inquire about your situation and we can get you started with something that works for you.