Spirit of Life Recovery is a 501 c-3  designed to support the local church. Our ministries reflect areas of specialization and training pertaining to crisis, specifically as that relates to the presence of addiction, heart injuries, emotional challenges and other self-sabotaging behaviors. Our restoration focus is meant to both inject solution and offer insight as to God’s heart in bandaging wounds, reconciling relationships and dealing with the harsher realities of addiction and boundaries. From both a spiritual perspective and practical tools, our goal in everything we do is to bring Jesus into overwhelming circumstances in a tangible way where He can do what He does best: redeem.

Intensive Counseling – We have professional, licensed chaplains and certified counselors that walk men and women through a process of deep healing and transformation. We focus on issues of the soul and spirit – dealing with rooted issues, strongholds and relationship challenges. From there, we begin to forge new ways to develop and walk in freedom. We operate our counseling program by scholarship based on what each individual family can afford. To learn more or apply, click here.

Family Intervention and Recovery Planning – When the crisis of addiction is too overwhelming to even know where to start, we are available to consult and allow the family gain tools to make decisions, set boundaries, and support the person in the addiction while not allowing its harm to continue to assault the family. We also offer workshops that address this same dynamic. For more information, contact Stephanie Tucker at

Workshops – Our workshops were launched six years ago and since then hundreds and hundreds have experienced life-changing healing from them. These workshops include three options: Christian families in recovery, Christian Codependence Recovery and A House that Grace Built. They are offered in various cycles throughout the year and taught by different counselor. Our founder, Stephanie Tucker, teaches these on occasion and her previous recordings can be found on this site. Please check our event page to learn more. Click here.

Training & Equipping Institute – We are proud to be recognized education providers both in California and nationwide. We are affiliated with Briening Institute, CPAAC and other credentialed agencies. We offer drug and alcohol counseling certification, college degree courses and  a brand new coaching program designed specifically for the church. All our classes will be present in online format. Click here to learn more.

Chaplaincy License – We license lay people and professionals in order to serve in the local community, hospitals and other places of crisis. This credentialing allows for a deeper form of outreach and availability. Join our growing team of chaplains!

Book and Resource ministry – We have produced books and resources that are used in the church, community and recovery programs. We are not finished! Our heart is to continue to find resources that can help people find freedom in Jesus. For a list of our resources, click here.