Codependence Training

Group Leader and Coaching

Become a Certified Group Leader Course (Introduction)

Move into a deeper level of equipping and understanding the unique ministry of codependence with a brand new training seminar designed to orchestrate heart healing.  This training will offer both the training content and interactive exercises to help reinforce what you are learning.  When you complete this training you will gain insight into how codependence is formed, how healing happens, and what the long-term goals and challenges involved in being a part of this ministry. This training will look beyond the surface of the workshop process and dig into the bigger picture of cultural challenges, spiritual realities and soul healing as it relate to injuries of the heart. 

  • 13 hours of Course Videos including six hours of leadership development, and 12 Module of Curriculum
  • Downloadable handouts! 
  • Six Modules on Leadership Training and Development
  • Essay Development
  • One-Hour Coaching Session

This class is currently under development and will be available November, 2019

Become a Certified Recovery Coach

Coaching is a way to help people move beyond the mentalities and hardships of codependence by living out a freedom mindset. People need coaching that have already processed through the rooted issues in their life through counseling, workshops or a form of recovery. As a coach you will: 

  • Develop planning and goal setting
  • Formulate relational goals and boundaries
  • Use accountability tools to assure progress is made
  • Assess when relapse is occurring 
  • Learn to handle triggers and know when and where to access more resources
  • Help with crisis and grief
  • Develop communication and problem solving
  • Work towards purity of mind, and avoid the common perils
  • Develop strong identity in Christ
  • Develop long-term purpose and ministry launching

This course will be available Spring/Summer 2020