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Grace-Based Boundaries Breaking Cycles of Pain

With Conflict Resolution Resources

Taught by Stephanie Tucker

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 Live Classes Begin on Monday, January 3rd

10:00 AM – 11:30 PST
Six Weeks | Zoom Live or On-Demand

Boundaries & Breaking Cycles of Pain course explores relational cycles that lead to the breakdowns of shame, pain and disconnection. In this class, we will use boundaries to also bridge conflict resolution that helps determine the level of intervention required.  This is helpful for a person that feels in the midst of relational strains that require an altogether different management tool. No relationship can be fixed by one person’s boundaries or words. But by beginning to identify the source of the breakdown, finding empowerment to make choices, and breaking the bondage of shame-base mentalities, hope can be inspired. Stephanie Tucker has in depth knowledge of relationship crisis and strategies that provide a spiritual and practical protocol.

 Week 1: Assessing Cycles of Pain
Week 2: Shame & Grace Cycles
Week 3: Healing Wounds that Bind
Week 4: Power Boundaries
Week 5: Communication & Conflict Resolution
Week 6: Final Assessments