Chapter 14: Untangling Outer Courts

Entanglements happened in the deeper places in our life when we unknowingly had misplaced priorities. We put people in the place of God, or used external situations to try to minimize the deeper pain within. Through recovery, we begin to validate and understand that inner pain, and allow God inside to fix and heal. This begins to align our inner world and weakens the drive of our codependence. In essence, when performance and people pleasing are no longer in charge, and we place the Holy Spirit as our source of power and approval, we find redemption and restoration.

The Outer Courts is where outside relationships are allowed access. In healing, we may discover relationships that need to be dismantled. There may people we allowed that should not be there. We may also realize agendas we had that were wrongful; or agendas other people had towards us. God’s love will allow us to respectfully understand this, not throwing out people, but breaking harmful connections. This can happen in many facets of our external lives, including work, community and church.

Despite this, remember that God is preparing us to be salt and light to this world, and our job is simply to go where He calls. We do not need to worry about acceptance or rejection – just that our heart remains pure. There is no validation like a kiss from Jesus. There is no human that will accept and honor us like He will.  That’s why our security, our drive, our strength must be in Him.

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Chapter 14 Outer Courts


Father God,

Bring the external dealing of my life into a place of purity. Take my friendships and intentions, and make known your pathway for me. I do not know which friendships to trust, those that you ordained.  But I do trust that you are working out your perfect plans. Show me how to be used in the church, in friendships and in my community through you – not to please people – but to honor and please you. Help me to rest in your approval, and to allow my friendships to first be filtered through your heart, not my need.

In Jesus name – Amen


Spiritual warfare! We will spend a week on prayer as well after Chapter 15.