Chapter 15: Fortifying our Hearts

When we leave self-protection, it’s vital that we learn how to defend ourselves in a healthy way. This is no easy task. That’s because over time, it’s become a natural response to self-protect anytime we feel threatened. Our styles of self protection vary, but namely, they are the “weapons” of codependence. Learning how to secure our hearts and purify our minds with truth is a weapon. So is the redemptive formula of love and grace. Still, putting that into tangible plans in our lives takes time. Above all, we need to be prepared for the battles that will come – because they will come. These battles won’t necessarily be recognizable, but they will fiercely or subtly try to steal our freedom. When we pursue spiritual truth, we must deal with the reality of the unseen realm.  The enemy isn’t a fantasy dreamed up in fairytale land. Neither should he get too much attention in our lives. Rather, we need to balance the wars we face in life by seeing God’s perspective, and then committing ourselves to reject anything that opposes His truth. And this includes fighting and overcoming the schemes of the enemy.

We are going to get armed with power – God’s power. A power that teaches us to live in authority and claim the heritage as sons and daughters of our Father in Heaven.

This isn’t scary or “spooky!” Rise up child of God! YOU ARE NOT DEFENSELESS!

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Chapter 15 Outline

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Father God,

Teach us to be gentle as doves, but wise as serpents. We need awareness -first of you, than of ourselves and then what is happening around us. Protect is from delusion and from listening to the wrong voices and messages in our lives that would seek to walk us back in bondage. Make us aware of the enemy, but not in an obsessive way. Teach us to embrace the weapons you have provided, walking in the confidence of your power and strength, rather than our own.

Chapter 16: 

The first in a three-week class on boundaries.