Inner Healing Prayer

There are alot of different definitions to “inner healing prayer.” For our purposes, inner healing prayer is that we pray over the internal hurts and lies inside us in order that God can overcome. We are allowed the privilege of prayer as a means to seek Gods’ heart and to access His throne of grace. We are able to ask for what we need as a little child, knowing that God loves us and has our best interest at heart. But set all definitions aside, prayer is a connection source – and when we come to pray in community – it can be a fire that can break down strongholds. I don’t claim any “magic zaps” in a prayer session. What I can tell you is that the fiery love of God desires to minister you deeply, and to fill that space and cavity in your soul.

This prayer is also spiritual warfare in action – as we seek to call down any connections other than our connection to the Holy Spirit.


This download is material from another workshop with added content for our purposes. I’m offering this so you can follow along and also pray in your own time. Please do not distribute this material outside our purposes.

Inner Healing Prayer Session


I may share a recording of anything I teach first, but the prayer will not be available. Instead, I’m offering you the prayers for your personal use.


Father God,

Prepare us as a community to usher in your presence, to meet and encounter sweet Jesus, and to make our authority known in the spiritual realm. You are our Father, our God, our Savior, our Rescuer. We delight in you. We love you. We believe you are worthy of everything we are and ever will be. We give ourselves to you and ask that you move heaven and earth to clean up and make us whole in you.

In Jesus name – Amen.