Chapter 16: Honoring the Gates of Glory

For two weeks we focused on prayer and spiritual warfare. If you missed prayer, I added the recorded prayer to our e-mail. If you watch this workshop at a later time, you can e-mail me directly for a copy.

Now,  we are set to work on tangible boundaries. If you struggle with a boundary, think of the giant ancient Jerusalem walled off with gates as access points. If these fortified walls had no entry points, there would have been disconnection from everything and everyone. Eventually, they would have perished without outside resources. In a similar way, the boundaries and “gate systems” we need should have entry points.  They allow us to carry God’s love and allow us to receive outside resources. Learning how to make this happens is a discovery process of defining our true needs and learning to satisfy them appropriately.  We also learn when and how protect ourselves from outside invasions.

Boundaries will be defined in three ways:

Spiritual Boundaries (Chapter 16)

Inner Boundaries (close relationships – emotional, spiritual and physical) (Chapter 17)

External Boundaries (Chapter 18)

Spiritual boundaries are powerful and enable us to live this life through God’s strength rather than our survival. They also mark out areas of danger, where we can learn when we are slipping back into mindsets that are destructive. I encourage you to join me the next three weeks to learn how to nourish our needs, and to protect our hearts from future dangers!


Chapter 16 Outline Notes

Chapter 16 Graphic Notes


Father God,

Order my heart and show my the proper spaces and places where I allow people in, or keep them out. Help me to understand the way you love, and teach me how to love with honor and boundaries. Never allow me to feel entitled to make people meet a need that you alone are authorized to meet. Show me how to express my love back to you and remind me of the power of grace.

In Jesus name – Amen