Chapter 5: The Design of Intimacy

Most of us equate intimacy with a marriage or romantic relationship. But intimacy actually refers to the access people are given in our lives. If they are given in depth access, they will have detailed information about us and know us in very specific and vulnerable ways. But if they are given less access, they will only know us at a surface level.

The way we formulated intimacy in our relationships will play out in many ways. Many times we are unaware of God’s design in this capacity – thus we operate based on what we know or what we are modeled. The purpose of the next four weeks is to assess intimacy styles. We will be looking at a Biblical model of intimacy “courts” and having the chance to apply what we learn into our life and relationships. We will begin with our intimacy styles with Jesus – and what and how we learned to connect with Him.

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Father God,

I want to know you more than anything else. I want to know who you are and how you see me. I want to understand and have revelation to see your heart and your purposes in my relationships. Reveal to me what I’ve put in your place. Show me where I am tangled in my relational understanding of intimacy. Prepare my heart to receive the grace I need to be redeemed, restored and set free into Your purposes.

In Jesus name- Amen