Chapter 20: Built for Eternity

We have spent almost six months learning and seeking God’s heart! For those of you that have stayed the course, from the bottom of my heart, I thank God for you! If you didn’t stay consistent or want to catch up later, it’s okay!  This isn’t about performance, it’s about synching our heart to the Father’s heart. The timing if different for each of us! For all of us,  I know He’s doing something new, something that He never did before. That’s the sheer excitement of life in Jesus – He’s refreshing us from glory to glory. He’s healing, mending, restoring and preparing us ways we can’t even comprehend.

Learning about the perspective of Kingdom living will transform your life forever. It will literally change the way you go about your days and your priorities. This chapter provides a revelation of what our lives are about – and provides an awe -inspiring reality of what’s to come.

Does this workshop matter in time and eternity? Yes!

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Chapter 20


My Father,

My life is your life. My heart is created to honor you, worship you and know you. May I never lose sight of your purposes – may I never lose my way or walk away from your power. I have not been created for this world, I have an eternal purpose that I don’t yet know or understand. Show me, Father, my life in you. Guide me into the right pathways and don’t let me falter to the left or to the right. I attach my heart to your heart – I press into the fragrance, the sweetness and utter satisfaction of your grace.

In Jesus name – Amen


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Treatment & Counseling

Professional addiction and codependence treatment

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Professional codependence counseling (ministry)

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The Christian Codependence Workbook: From Surviving to Significance

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The Emotionally Destructive Marriage

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