Become a Certified Group Leader on March 30th


On March 30th we are offering a brand new interactive training program designed to develop and prepare you to a lead a codependence ministry that heals the heart.

If you have done training in the past, this is altogether different! Our certified group leaders will partner with our organization and become an extension of what we do. This means your group will be listed on our website and we will interact with you and work to be a resource to you.

What if I’ve trained in the past?
The group leader certificate we offered in the past will not be eligible for this same resources. However, reach out to Stephanie Tucker and you can upgrade that certificate for this one. The reason it doesn’t transfer is because the seminar training is a requirement.

What makes the content different? Is it still based on The Christian Codependence Recovery Workbook?
Yes it is formed around the basics of our workshop process. The seminar training is developmental and will push you beyond the principles of the book. This is an interactive training – you will learn and then apply in various projects.However, you will receive access to a course that will encourage you to follow the book chapter by chapter.

Is this only for professionals?
Absolutely not! This is being taught for the church, not for a professional practice. If you work in a clinical practice, this will without a doubt give you effective skills.

What CEU’s are you offering?
We offer CEU’s from Briening Institute, NAADAC and CCAPP (on-site only)

How much does it cost?
The certificate costs $95 which includes the seminar, online course, certificate and facebook support group. If you come just for the information you only have to pay $20. CEU’s are available as a bundle. For certificate and CEU’s it’s $125. CEU’s only $80.

What about A House that Grace Built?
I will send out a link after this training that will allow you to upgrade for this certificate. This training is for both books, but you’ll get access to another online course.

Any questions?
Please contact Stephanie Tucker at

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