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Addiction Treatment at New Life Spirit Recovery

Addiction recovery is a life-long process. God many times bring significant healing in a short period of time during a treatment program. That’s because the roots that drove addictive behavior in the first place are addressed intensively. Clients are immersed in the hope, truth and power of reconciliation with God, self and ultimately others. However, we understand that the program is just the first phase in a life-long process of change. How the “battle” will be fought once a client completes our program is most important. Therefore, we don’t simply want clients to have an experience at our program, but to take home the tools to maintain Christ-centered sobriety and wholeness. New Life’s treatment program incorporates a process of equipping clients with a spiritual, emotional and practical “tool box” to coincide with a long-term recovery plan. We also encourage intensive discharge planning and aftercare programs to assure the transition from treatment to home is successful.

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When I was at NLSR, I actually read the Bible for the first time. In Ephesians 3:20, I read “God is able to do immeasurably more than we ask or imagine.” Through the process of surrender I found that God CAN do immeasurably more than I have asked or imagined. It’s hard to even believe I was at such a low place. My marriage is better than I can have imagined and I can see bringing God into our house is having a positive impact on the kids.” – Susie from California

I am forever grateful for the experience at New Life. It changed me from the inside out, not the outside in. I deal with the roots that led to my behavior, didn’t just try to change my behavior. I fell in love with Jesus and found that in Him I had everything I needed to overcome addiction. – Cheri – Graduate 2007

I loved New Life Spirit Recovery, I have been many places recovery before, NLSR just clicked with me. I knew Jesus but did not have a relationship with Him. He is the exact reason I’m sober today. I’m connected with church now. – Lauren – Graduate 2008

I owe my sobriety to NLSR and to Jesus. I didn’t know Jesus when I came to program, I’m now believer in Jesus and also mentor to struggling addicts. – Brian – Graduate 2007

The structure at NLSR was great. Staff was great especially Tina, 3Bob – they all made me feel at home, and they brought life into me and encouraged me to finish and look forward to a new life. Jesus is number one now. – Justin – Graduate 2011

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