Chapter 9: Offering the Gift of Forgiveness


This class highlighted important truths not just about forgiving others, but about the nature of authentic healing. In recovery, we don’t simply “forgive” people in an obligatory manner. Rather, we must learn to forgive by dealing with the violations for the damage they imposed,  and being given permission to both hate and hurt over it. Then, we must learn to forgive in the manner that Jesus forgave us. This process isn’t easy, but I can assure you it’s worth it. I believe this is where Jesus can meet us more than any other. To learn the heart of Jesus is to understand that He doesn’t call us to forgive from afar, but He walks with us in our pain, and teaches us to forgive because it will in fact lead to our own freedom. I pray this will bless you.

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Codependent workshop 9

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Prepare for Chapter 10, however I will extend this class over two weeks as I want to recap on the redemption class because of the many distractions that have occurred.