Families in Addiction: Week 1 – Introduction

Sad Teenage Girl

The hurt. The pain. The crisis. Today we talked about the reality of addiction, while framing it with the hope we have that God really is above our cultural and personal interpretation of it. Most people enter in this process broken, hurt and angry. They don’t know the “why” of addiction. They don’t  know the “how” to deal with it either. We spent today challenging our understanding and preparing our hearts to be willing to receive a different perspective and the hope that God can intervene.

Workshop recording:

Unfortunately, our recording did not work for a few different technical reasons. The system will be up and running from here on out, so be sure to check each week for the recording!


Week one notes, click here

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Please read Chapters 1-4. Next week we will discuss in detail the nature of addiction including it roots and drive in the body, soul and spirit. It’s an important and foundational class needed to facilitate the conversation of this entire process.