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Christian Drug, Alcohol & Addiction Counselors Education Hours

Welcome! We feel blessed and honored that you have chosen to get equipped through our organization. We are an education provider for CADTP, ACADC Institute and Briening Institute. Our training Institute is called Living Free – it is part of Spirit of Life Recovery. We have a focus on equipping God’s children to be able to understand the modern-day challenges of addiction within a Christian worldview.  

Pastor Robert Tucker teaches the majority of these courses. He has been teaching in Orange County for over fifteen years, and as you’ll discover he incredible understanding and passion for each subject you will be learning. Not only that, He runs a drug rehab facility also for fifteen years, and brings a wealth of knowledge and insight working hands on inside. That means you will not just be learning the “theology” of each class – but rest assured Pastor Bob knows firsthand how to apply this into the counseling process. 

It is our heartfelt desire to allow you to understand both the practical and professional skills alongside the spiritual realities. We feel that Jesus is the same Healer He was 2,000 years ago, and we need His remedies applies every much as now as we did then. To leave Him out of the solution is to negate the purpose we live, breath and have our every  movements. 

The course format is very easy to follow. You will download a form that will be completed upon viewing each class. This form will be sent over to Pastor Bob. As you get through each module, you’ll be closer to completely your goal. If you need a course that has not yet been uploaded, talk director to Pastor Bob and he will direct you. 

May God bless, keep, protect and inspire you on this journey! If you have any questions or needs that arise, contact Pastor Bob at bob@newlifespiritrecovery. 

After each course is complete, you are required to fill out this form and upload it into the assignment uploader or e-mail directly to