Chapter 7: Intervention




The concept of intervention, boundaries and grace can be baffling. How can God engage in our brokenness and begin to dismantle the wrongful mentalities, while loving and embracing who we are? He does it through setting the motion of redemption in place. Today we looked at key principles relevant to family members struggling with an addict in their life. We began to break down spiritual and practical remedies, understanding that above all God rules and reigns through the relational style of freedom. Freedom means people have the right to make bad choices. But it doesn’t mean we have to be willing to stand next to them and allow those choices to continue to sabotage our experience. Learning how to help, how to not help, when to take action and when to release is a difficult process to understand. We also learned that we need to receive God’s intervention into our lives personally in order to begin to comprehend the ability to use this approach with others.


Do you see an area in your relationship that requires intervention? Can you recognize any styles in your current handling of someone’s bad behavior that may need to be adjusted? How has God dealt with you in your own crisis? Have you ever received His intervention? Do you need intervention personally just to be able to learn how to manage the crisis you are facing with His perspective?

To encourage:

God just needs to be invited and allowed: once He is, He takes responsibility for everything. He will lead and guide you into truth. Your task isn’t in what you do, but in how you relate to Him. What a relief! God can be in control if and only if you authorize Him to be.