Chapter 6: Facing Denial


We looked at the principle of denial this week – and above anything I want to encourage each of you in the journey. This stuff isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. I want to share some of the thoughts I had on facebook regarding denial and the reason why we need to face the past. God wants to recreate our future, but not without facing the things that had hurt us in the first place. The reason for this is massive. The past is the present if we don’t have the opportunity to cleanse away the residue the past created.

Here’s my thoughts I shared earlier this week:

Typically, this seems to be a difficult conversation for us to have. It sounds like a dreaded pathway of pain and torment. At least that’s what the enemy of our soul would like us to believe. In reality, it can be the place that brings the most relief as we learn to stop believing LIES as TRUTH. In some ways, we are asking God to part our own “Red Seas” – the massive and deep waters of our life experiences that seem impossible to sift, sort and walk through! We are asking God to perform our own miracle – to reveal the difference between the false beliefs we have acquired and the reality of His perspective.Just as the Red Sea was parted to allow the Israelites to trade bondage for freedom, so this enormous “sea” of beliefs in front of us can also begin to part and clear the pathway to our personal freedom. If we choose to begin to walk through the things that God reveals, we get to learn to press forward – to move ahead – to find the place of God’s calling, personal destiny, purpose and significance WITHOUT THE PAST HOLDING US CAPTIVE. It may not happen immediately, but it can happen. That is a biblical fact! Can I encourage anyone who is struggling to not give up before the miracle? Don’t look at the “sea” as though its power can somehow outdo God’s power. EVERYTHING that’s brought under His authority will be forced to experience His intervention – the past, present and future. 

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Next week:

Prayer! We will be taking time off the book process and resume this after the holidays. When we come back we will dive into what I like to refer as “deliverance”. This is the access tool to eventual freedom. For right now, I feel it’s imperative to learn how to pray through this season in your life. So we will be doing a prayer workshop – where I don’t just pray with you, I want to teach you to how to have powerful and effective prayers.