Chapter 19: Dressing in Character

Chapter 19: Dressing in Character

Please note: This is workshop from our 2012 class and we used different technology that requires flash be installed on the device you are using. 

Every day we get out of bed and do any number of things to prepare for our days. We get clean uped, get dressed, fix our hair, and brush our teeth. This preparation is simply a normal part of our day. In the same manner, in recovery we will need to learn how to “dress” in God’s resources, and to partake of the daily task of being made into His image. Many people ask “what’s next” in this process. While Chapter 19 is small, this really is the lifelong disciple – to dress in God’s character. We are required to “put off” codependence and to “put on” God’s methods of life and relationships.

If I can encourage you about any goal in your life – it’s to understand that everything you do or will become must be rooted in love. It’s not that we’ll love perfectly – but that we learn to stop making behavioral outcomes the goal – and look deeper at what drives us to interact and engage with people.

What an exciting process! God is preparing us! God is changing us! We are being dressed in the beautiful garments of His holiness – being aligned with His purposes and being used for His eternal kingdom.

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