Chapter 18: Restoring Outer Gates

Chapter 18: Restoring Outer Gates note:

Please note:  This a workshop from 2012 that has different technology. It requires that you have flash installed on your device.

Security. It’s an important concept in our lives, and one of our greatest and deepest desires to attain. That’s because the world around us will always prove to be insecure. In fact, this world is broken and it is perishing. Yet, God’s Word tells us that spiritually we are being renewed every day! The goal then? To be secure spiritually, and not depend on the outside circumstances to mandate and dictate our inward reality. In fact, as that gate of God’s security and His spiritual resources is permanently enabled in our lives, we will find a new way of viewing of life. We will be able to deal with the difficulties, and keep our focus on “things above”.

Chapter 18 will help us to be reminded of how our gates were broken, and how we are now able to rebuild and place “locks” on them, guarded and protected by our Lord. It will give us some understanding of how to make decisions that align with God’s purposes. The goal? Above all else, God wants to teach us how to live as a city that has been conquered. God is in charge, He is protecting it, and His purposes are ordained throughout! What an exciting and wonderful reality to be a child of the Most High God!

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