Thrive Begins January 21st -Live with Intention Workshop

The Webster dictionary defines “survival” as  the state or fact of continuing to live or exist, typically in spite of an accident, ordeal, or difficult circumstance. Just the same, it defines “intention” as the thing that you plan to do or achieve: an aim or purpose. Learning to understand these two processes in our own lives …

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Boundaries in Relationships

This class looked both at traditional boundary styles as well as a deeper look at the internal make up of our relationships. How and where we let people into our inner experiences is critical in the health and wellness of our hearts. Thrive – Boundaries – Download Now [vimeo_video url=”″ autoplay=”false”]  

The Atmosphere of Change

God invites us into the place where He can perform the work of redemption. We often struggle with our communication and interaction style with God because we misunderstand His character. This class focused on intimacy as the central goal of God’s work in our lives. It also highlighted key aspects of God’s character and how …

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Structures of Coping

This class helped us unravel the “whys” of behavior. Coping with pain begins to be formed at a young age. We all house coping skills that help us interact with life’s challenges. We looked at the purpose of pain, and four of the most common ways we cope in unhealthy ways. We also talked about …

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Introduction to Thrive

[vimeo_video url=”″ autoplay=”false”]   Thank you for joining Thrive! This class taught the basic principles and purpose of this ongoing group.  We are excited for all the enthusiasm and are thankful that people are interested in leaving the lifestyle of survival and trading it in for the authentic identity and calling we carry in Christ. Our …

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