Thrive Begins January 21st -Live with Intention Workshop

Live with Intention

The Webster dictionary defines “survival” as  the state or fact of continuing to live or exist, typically in spite of an accident, ordeal, or difficult circumstance. Just the same, it defines “intention” as the thing that you plan to do or achieve: an aim or purpose. Learning to understand these two processes in our own lives is vital to the health and wellness of our hearts and our God-given destiny.

Thrive Workshop uses the law of the seed and soil to help us identify the areas where we are surviving. Seeds hide and isolate until they have the assurance that their environment is safe enough to support life function. Once they have the proper atmosphere of sun, soil and moisture, they will navigate the breaking/dying of leaving the seed and entering into their created design. Seeds only have potential until they are released into the proper environment. John 12:24 tells us of this truth.

“Very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds…..” (NIV)

For those of us that have been through traumatic and difficult situations, our survival mindsets felt normal. We in a sense lived like a “seed” to self protect. But it robbed us of living out our full potential. Fear will cause us to mistrust not only people, but God’s purposes. Thus, while we benefit from self protection, we can be living with only the limit of being in the mode of survival (seed living). Think of the difference between a tiny seed and a giant tree!

Thrive Workshop will guide us towards a pathway where we can learn to partner with God to establish our destiny. Tucked inside you is the full potential of who God designed you to be. It’s not that you aren’t totally loved and completely accepted by Him right now, but He wants to grow you up. Perhaps you have spouted, but you want your heart nurtured and able to produce even more.

By leaving the mindset of fear and self-sabatoge, we can learn to claim our rightful place in God’s Kingdom. It has been established for us already, and it is a God-given right as His son or daughter to walk into it.

The Thrive Workshop isn’t a codependent workshop per say – but it addresses the core roots that drive all dysfunctional behavior, with codependence being the most common.

To participate, you will need:

  • The desire to change something in your life, and the willingness to work through a process to attain that change.
  • The ability to print out classes
  • The ability to print out a planning and goal setting journal
  • A binder to keep your notes and journal


The class will include:

  • Teaching from Robert and Stephanie Tucker (on-site or streaming)
  • Small groups (on-site only)
  • Goals and planning
  • Application Homework
  • The ability to become a coach through ACADC Institute (some additional training required)