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Christian Families in Recovery
WHEN FEBRUARY 10, 2016 – MARCH 9, 2016

This workshop provides a guide to securing God’s perspective and gaining His tools to cope with addiction’s vicious entanglement. It will reveal and disclose how and why the addict comes under the destructive force, and in turn, how the family also experiences negative consequences. This workshop will shine light into the confusion of addiction, and inject hope by offering a redemptive point of view. It will guide the family both through active addiction and then into the hope of the recovery process.In the storm of addiction, we have choices, and God can equip us to stand with Him, be empowered by Him and prepare for His intervention.

Small group – onsite – We can only accept the first 6 registrations with on-site parking. After that, anyone registering will need to park off location due to business hour parking constraints.

Live Streaming – This class will be taught via live streaming.




Introduction to Codependence Workshop
Taught by Stephanie Tucker
March 16th, 2016 – June 8th, 2016!

Taught by Stephanie Tucker 

This workshop based on the book The Christian Codependence Recovery Workbook: From Surviving to Significance has helped thousands of people find hope and healing. Each group brings a fresh new perspective and an opportunity to connect to others in small, safe and comfortable atmosphere conducive to healing. You will go chapter by chapter through the book and share and discuss in a group setting.

Onsite Registration – After 6 registrants, anyone else joining us will be required to park off-site. This will require some walking. Registration Max is 15! Please ONLY sign up if you are able to make the full commitment!

Online Registration – Our live streaming option will be running during this workshop. A discussion group will be held!

Thrive Night
January 21, 2016-May 26th, 2016

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    1. Hey Nancy! Thrive is an ongoing group we are designing. It will have the general principles of codependency, relationships, healing, growth, etc. as we feel led to share. Our main group will not be specific to addiction or codependency, or any sort of issue. But our connection groups will be specific. The idea of it is that we need ongoing refreshment, reminders and the ability to be honest with ourselves, each other and God so that God’s Word can prosper in our heart. Head to heart! Encountering Him authentically. We will have a handout/lesson each week, but not a formal workbook (yet!). If you are on Live Stream, it’s just the class for now, but hopefully a group eventually! Our main website has a bit more information. https://spiritofliferecovery.com/?wp3s_calendar=thrive-night

      1. I’m confused on the dates. I see September 25 and then I see October 7. Is there a class on site for co dependency and if so, what date does that begin.

        If the class onsite is not co dependency, what classes are on site?

  1. Hello,
    I wanted to find out when the next on site Co-Dependency sessions start in 2016? If not soon, is there another program that is similar to it starting soon this year?
    Thank you.

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