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No one can fully prepare for a storm disaster. And when it hits, everyone by default must enter into a survival mode. Trying to live in the midst of storm conditions causes insecurity and fear. Life itself becomes a quest to simply “get by” rather than pursue a God-given destiny.

Family members caught in the storm of addiction are no different. They are facing the catastrophic realities of destruction, oftentimes frantically finding ways to fix, salvage and save whatever is left. In the effort to survive from one crisis to the next, they grow detached from the hope, joy and security for which the family was designed.

Human strength is no match for a full-force hurricane, and neither can human strength overcome addiction. Most family members suffer agonizing defeat before understanding this reality. In truth, addiction is not just a human problem, but a spiritual battle, and it must be understood and given the proper tools in order to deal with this reality.

As Christians, we must stand up and take our rightful position and bring into battle the weapons we have been authorized by God to use. These are not human weapons, but spiritual weapons that must defeat the strongholds and lies the enemy plants. While we can’t actually make the addict change, we can partner with God to establish an environment where He can intervene. It is possible to hate addiction, but to love the person under its influence.

In a world that often befriends lies as truth, we must see and comprehend our own storm through the filter of God’s perspective. This means we cannot simply oblige to the general secular knowledge of addiction recovery and treatment. Christian Families in Recovery will challenge you to take a deeper look into the nature of addiction, understanding the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual roots that drive it. It will furthermore help you to see how you have been affected and how you can implement a healthy plan of intervention.

Once in recovery, families face unusual challenges, and must learn how to respect, honor and build healthy expectations in order for authentic reconciliation to take root. Therefore, developing boundaries and learning to orchestrate a recovery family plan is an essential building tool in learning to move beyond the storm site, and move into the redemptive purposes of God.

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  1. I am so very interested in this seminar perhaps this is the answer to my prayers.this cross of mine is very heavy,I see my son struggling but he is giving up .but not me like the woman in Mathew 15-21-28 I keep praying till God finallyj listen to my cry of Help I live in Palm Desert Calif. are this classes by web site ??? Are you planning to give a seminar here in the Desert??? Perhaps at Betty Ford Center???

    1. Hi Nell! We pray that God will give you exactly what you need. The class will be on live webinar, and I will be sending out the instructions by e-mail. It is also available by phone conference only if you can’t access the computer. We don’t have any plans to present in the Desert right now, but you never know. Lots of prayers and we look forward to you joining us!

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