Thrive On Demand

We had a fabulous year introducing Thrive last year (2015) at Spirit of Life Recovery. Will Thrive be returning? We hope so! But with being faithful to our calling, we need a season to evaluate. Thrive may return in a different form than a class with more intensive opportunities. We will keep you posted!

Thrive – Live with Intention workshop and notes.

Are you looking for last year’s workshop? We do have downloads of materials and videos available. Keep in mind, these are pre-edited as we continue to update and make changes to this program in the future.

Please contact Stephanie Tucker at stephanie@spiritofliferecovery with any request.

Past Thrive (Fall 2015)

Thrive – December 10th – Boundaries in Relationships (Learn how and where to place relationships appropriately)

Thrive – December 3rd – Communication in Relationships (Communication in difficult relationships).

Thrive – November 12th – Atmosphere of Change (Where God interacts with us in our needs)

Thrive – November 5th – (Personal Testimony not available for confidentiality purposes) However, a class was recorded related to the subject of denial and removing coverings.

Thrive – October 29th – Structures of Coping – How we learn to deal with pain.

Thrive – October 22th – Uprooting Lies – The war zone in our mind has a strategic agenda. We can be victorious in Jesus.

Thrive – October 7: Aly u0026amp; David Testimony

Thrive – October 1: Power of Connection – Why connection to God matters and how we can misunderstand its purpose.

Thrive – September 25th: Intro  – What is Thrive?