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Do you have a prayer need? Do you wish to pray for others? Please send your prayers or encouragement via the comments section. Our staff will personally read and pray over each one.

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  1. Please, pray for my congregation. Because every one desire the fulfill of the Holly Spirit, for the growing spiritually and numbers, for awakness.
    Also for Leyda Montero who suffer of Diabetes.
    For me, Armida Preciado, I need financial provision from God, I need a Job, Im just take a preparation as a consulour in addictions but I need to work. For all my family needs,
    God bless every one who pray for us.

  2. Thank you for the workshop webinar. I am so glad to have found a Christain based teaching. I have struggled for years trying to find freedom from emotional pain. As a Christain it has been difficult to find balanced teaching. I cried through the whole teaching as God was revealing another layer of the deep roots of the pain in my life. I am in a transition in my life as God is unraveling yet another painful relationship (This time it affected my work).Please pray for me. I need another job or source of income soon and I’m not sure what God wants me to do. I’m stuck again grrrr
    I’m looking forward to the next teaching.
    PS. I’m doing my homework!

  3. wanting to be a Healthy MOM not an enabler & need very shape boundaries with all other people especially my Family my husband & kids & great grandkids exc people out side my family

  4. Prayer request : My oldest son has been very damaged with step Dad ,, my son severely struggles with his older sister & I
    hes very upset which cause us all too be upset
    I’m divorced from his step Dad after 25 years there is just way to much pain in my family asking for prayer on this mater

  5. please pray that i can get these books…we are so poor right now, and i was shown this web site…i cried realizing what is going on with me. God has shown me truth, now to apply truth with the lies that i have been fed.

    1. Hello Judy,
      Our ministry is committed to making sure that finances won’t hinder or block receiving solution. Please e-mail me personally at I will talk to you how we can you provide resources. I am praying that God will encourage you and offer you hope right now; that you can gain enough light to encourage you to press through and press on. God has a purpose and a plan for you, and it is for good, not for evil. To offer you hope and a future.
      With grace and prayers, Stephanie

  6. My name is Lisa. I am so excited to find this website. I enrolled for the webinar that starts Oct. 20. I just ordered the book. I have struggled with codependency for most of my life. I just turned forty and am exhausted. My prayer request is that I receive the healing that God has more me and that my relationship with Him is greatly strengthened. Also that I become healthy for my two young daughters, so they don’t develop the same behaviors. Feeling hopeful…

    1. So glad you found us Lisa! I am praying in Jesus name that you will receive everything you need to grow up in Him. Please e-mail me if you have questions, and get connected in our online discussion group if possible for you! With grace, Stephanie

  7. My name is Vic, I have been married almost 10 years with 4 little ones. We are and have been a Christ centered family, but 3 weeks ago I discovered my wife talking to another person and now wants to end the marriage. I am devastated and crushed beyond despair. I went to see a Christ centered therapist and he informed me that the biggest issue I’m dealing with is codependency. I didnt even realize what that was but as I asked the Lord to use this time to reveal to me where I need to grow from this, I am beginning to see that I am dealing with codependency. Please pray for the state of our little family and the process of healing that comes next. Thank you

    1. Hi Vic, Wow, I’m so sorry for this devastating situation. Human words could not do justice to speak into that, but the comfort and power of the Holy Spirit can. We are praying that the enemy would not have his way and that a healing can occur for everyone involved – and mostly, that you would encounter Jesus in a massive way. I’m thankful to hear you are seeing a Christ-centered therapist. If you have questions about these workshops, etc., please don’t hesitate to let me know. My e-mail is May God bless and keep you and your little ones through this difficult situation.

  8. Please pray for my ‘daughter,’ Jessica. She had been a drug addict and had lived a very bad and dangerous life (she was a stripper). She recently returned to the Church and was doing amazingly well in her recovery. Unfortunately, she has met up with an old drug buddy who is now trying to isolate her from the Church, her new friends and me. I don’t think she is quite ready to relapse but she shows all the signs of being controlled and possibly being led back to a life she had once abandoned, and she is losing all self esteem. She is almost totally co-dependent now. He is an ex-con with a long criminal history and has the potential to be very abusive. Please pray for her.

  9. Hi! I would like to ask for prayer. Right out of college I began to seek a spiritual life. I responded to a desire for Jesus in me. I then met a christian family and became very integrated…and felt spiritually reborn. They were a mother, father, sister and brother figures for me spiritually. All older roll models. I loved them very much. In my growing process with them I started to “feel” stuff. Spiritual sensations on my body. At first at the beginning stages of being closely connected to the Lord, my relationship with the Lord was incredible. My walk with him was incredibly sweet and it was a life I could only dream of. There was one hitch. It called for a pattern that I had to keep in connected with these christian individuals. Relationships became broken, and with them I fell. I moved home, and not only was I trying to cope and hold myself together from the codependent needs of those broken relationships, but family dysfunctions that I had been starting to grow and develop out of were integrated back into my life. The spiritual family that I was in connection with had VERY strong views, and at the end destruction stages of the relationships I was violated by a spirit of division. I have been going through about 3-4 years of feeling my spiritual life has been spiraling downward from where it used to be in my sweet walk with the Lord. I have been robbed, violated, destroyed and brutally abused spiritually from the enemy. I need healthy coping mechanisms fast, and feel like I’m standing on quicksand. What happened to me spiritually while integrated with the family was not ok. There was a lot of spiritual damage that has been done. Prayers would be much appreciated. It has been a long devastating time. I still have a belief in the Lord. He can do miracles. I want him to rescue me. To restore me back, after feeling I’ve been kidnapped from him.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi there – I’m so sorry for what you have been through. I will pray and trust that God has a plan and purpose in your life that exceeds everything. I pray that you can overcome in His name and trust that He indeed can rescue you and carry you through. With His grace, Stephanie

  10. Please pray for myself and CJ. I discovered your website yesterday so I watched session 1 and found it extremely painful as it dawned on me the extent of my problems. I can’t bear to look at characteristics of a codependent on other websites as it hurts too much, maybe I will in time. I find myself ricocheted around by different emotions and beliefs. I have ordered your book and am thinking of going to a co-dependent support group nearby. Hopefully I’ll stick with this and not be distracted by something else in my life that needs attention. Please pray for the impact on CJ as I look to change my beliefs and behaviour.

      1. Thank you for the prayers and encouragement Stephanie, I have had some better days and I am journeying through your book slowly. Thank you for making your videos freely available and for writing your book in a way that makes me feel a little less alone and more hopeful. God bless you.

  11. I’ve just found this website through a friend. Struggling big time. I’ve been married 29 years and have made my husband my God. I don’t know who i am or how to get better for me and not the marriage. Please pray.

    1. Josephine, we are praying for hope and healing. We are praying for His perfect leading and answers that you are looking for. You are not alone – God loves you. He is a good Father and a faithful and available spouse – He has a plan and purpose for your life. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if we can somehow help you in your situation.

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