Online Intervention, Codependence, Relationship, Healing and Coaching Workshops – Spring 2017

Do you live near Huntington Beach, CA? You can view our in-person workshops taught by Lynne Montegary. Learn more by clicking here.

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These classes are complete! You may still access them through our online community by contacting us directly at 

We are excited to present a new online workshop program offered by Spirit of Life Recovery. This is not specific to a particular book, but rather an accumulation of several different resources we offer, some of which are not currently published. These are what we feel are the most vital principles to understand to live the life God designed.

All online workshops will be taught by Stephanie Tucker.

This series is exclusive for our online viewing community – and through this we hope to begin an ongoing support network for those who cannot attend our live sessions.  With your registration, you will be able to join an online support community through Faith Life. This allows for communication, discussions, shared files and connection to a community in a safe, private format. Only registered participants will gain access to materials and the online community.

If you are local, please check for our on-site class options.

Breaking Point: Addiction Intervention Workshop
Meets Wednesdays  at 9:30 am for 4 Weeks Beginning March 15th, 2017

Learn how to deal with addiction and gain tools to intervene. This class will help you understand the chaos of the addiction cycle and offer you choices to make sane and healthy decisions. It gives you a step by step plan on how to set up an intervention.
Longevity: 3 Weeks
Registration/Donation Fee: $10 requested, but not required.
March 15th: How to handle someone else’s addiction
March 22nd: How to Help, How to Not Help
March 29th: Intervention planning
Material: You will receive a download of the book “Breaking Point: A Christian Guide to Intervention” before the beginning of the first class.

Thrive: Healing Rooted Issues
Meets Wednesdays at 11:00 am for 7 Weeks Beginning  March 15th, 2017

This class is focused on healing the heart from rooted issues. This will contain interaction based projects. Healing isn’t just an event but a lifestyle. Thus, while these classes seeks to secure a healing from the past, they also seek to give you tools to walk free with the life challenges presented in the future.

7 Weeks
Workshop Donation: $15 requested but not required.
March 15th – Rooted Issues
March 22nd – Assessing Belief Systems
March 29th – Emotional Needs
April 5th – Control and Surrender
April 12th – Access Freedom – Part 1
April 26th – Access Freedom – Part 2
May 3rd – Deliverance prayer and inner healing
Material: You will receive downloads based on the Thrive Workshop

Facing Codependence Workshop
Meets Wednesdays at 9:30 am for 3 Weeks Beginning April 5th, 2017

This is a workshop that briefly highlights and overviews the nature of codependence. It will cover some of the broader subjects of codependence in order to defines its presence. This class coincides with Healing from Rooted Issues.
Registration/ Donation Fee:  $10 requested, but not required.
4 Weeks
April 5th – Understand Codependence
April 12th – Love Systems
April 26th – Facing Shame
May 3rd – Healing Styles in Recovery
Materials: You will receive a downloadable version of The Christian Codependence Recovery Workbook: From Surviving to Significance.

Thrive: Intentional Living Workshop
Meets Wednesdays at 11:00 am for 4 Weeks Beginning May 10th

Move from the past into God’s marvelous present. This workshop is about the “now.” Living with intention is a lifestyle of choice rather than survival. Finding a way to foster, grow and expand our lives is a wonderful benefit of being sons and daughter of a living God! This workshop is a passionate plea to live out your life purpose!

4 Weeks
Workshop Donation: $10 requested but not required.
May 10th – Intentional Living
May 17th – Planning and Goal Settings
May 24th – Find Your Gifts
May 31st – Self Care and Maintenance
Material: You will receive a download from the Thrive Workshop

Thrive: Healing Relationships Workshop
Meets Wednesdays at 9:30 am for 4 Weeks Beginning May 10th

This workshop addresses some of the most important factors related to relationships. It will dive into those deeper dynamics that drive brokenness and draw on principles that will help you make better decisions in your relationships. If you are in an imbalanced relationship, this workshop is geared for that dynamic.

4 Weeks
Registration/ Donation Fee:  $10 requested but not required.
May 10th – Intimacy Styles
May 17th – Roles in Relationships
May 24th- Boundaries in Relationships
May 31st –   Pathways of Healing
Materials: You will receive downloads from Thrive Workshop and A House that Grace Built

Questions and Answers

Is there a fee?

We request a nominal donation to reserve your space and receive your download for each workshop.  The donation helps support our costs (we are non-profit organization), and also helps us have a group that is mutually committed. However, we don’t want finances to deter anyone. Please contact us for assistance if payment is a problem.

How can I register? Can I register for more than one class?

Please register for individual workshops. Once you have started an account through our secured third party portal, you’ll be able to add additional classes.  Upon registration, you’ll receive an e-mail with confirmation. If you have any troubles, please contact us.

When will I receive the downloads?

You will not receive the material download immediately. You will receive it the week before the workshop begins. Again, the fee reserves your spot. In the event we have excessive registrations, there will be a first come, first serve system. We will max out our registration to make the group small enough for safety and discussion.

How will I access classes? 

You will need to have access to a computer preferably to participate, but a mobile will also suffice. High speed internet is required to participate on the video streaming. You’ll be given a link to access the live class along with instructions how to log into each session. In the event you struggle with the live stream, we will have a phone conference accessible throughout. The video and phone audio will not match, so please choose one or the other to avoid confusion.

Can I communicate with others in the workshop?

We will build this community through engagement based on how the community wishes to interact. Some may want a community posting, such as a private Facebook page. Some may want the opportunity to pair with a partner for projects and prayer. Others may prefer to remain anonymous. Rather than plan this out in advanced, we’ll see how those who sign up wish to communicate. We will by default have a class, question and answer session, and phone group chat.

Will recordings be available if I can’t attend live?

Some people may want to participate through recordings. While this isn’t preferred, it is understood. You may register and receive access to all recordings to watch at a later time.

When are the workshop times and days? What time zone?

The workshops will be held on  Wednesdays at either 9:30 am or 11:00 am. You can participate in one or both sessions. You can pick and choose any workshop and don’t need to attend anything to qualify. However, some of these workshops will be most effective if watched in order. Please review the topics to learn more. All times listed are Pacific Coast.