Chapter 7: Removing the Power of Shame

grace is enough

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Yesterday we had an amazing class, and I’m hopeful that if you missed it you will take some time to watch it. This is where the journey gets at the heart of both the problem and solution. For me, and so many others, we have dealt with inadequacies our whole lives. We have fought against shame and the sense of not being “good enough” with the faulty tools of perfection, performance, people pleasing and other self-efforts. But despite our best attempts, we have often continually ended up with the overwhelming sense of guilt, condemnation and fear. How can this be? As a child of God, we are measured by nothing but grace – the blood of

Jesus made us complete and perfectly right based on what Jesus did on our behalf. Therefore, wherever shame continues to thrive, it means we have allowed shame’s power to overrule Gods’ remedy. This may seem like negative news, but actually it’s quite wonderful. By exposing the faulty and illegitimate source of shame in our lives, we can actually find a solution. But there is no gimmick or quick fix here. We will need to deal with our own situations by learning how to identify the source of shame, and then choose to apply forgiveness to whatever the source or origin of shame occurred. If we have been living with life with a measurement stick, comparing ourselves to people’s standards, we will need to learn how to cast that stick aside, and rest in ultimate assurance that God’s standards already declare us “enough” through Jesus.

As we begin to undo the damage of shame by tapping into forgiveness, I want to remind you that Jesus needs to be a real person in our lives, not merely a principle, ideal or doctrine. I urge you to spend time alone talking to Him, communicating with Him and practicing relationship principles. You might want to picture yourself with Him walking, talking or holding His hand. If that seems unusual or strange, it might be an indication that you aren’t comfortable with intimacy yet. Ask Him to help you let Him jump out of the pages of the Bible and into a real life experience.

Next week we’ll cover Chapter 8 on Receiving Forgiveness – and learn some practical ways to begin to apply it in our lives. The great news is that while there are processes involved, the next two chapters contain things we apply right now. Shame carries a heavy burden, and when it’s given a remedy, we will feel that burden lifted.

Next live webinar: Tuesday, May 6th at 9:30 am

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  1. Hey there! I am currently taking Ms. Tucker’s webinar and loving it! Is there anyway we can print out the handouts of each class? Thanks — Gale Jones

    1. Hi Gale – If you go through the past workshops, they all have notes listed and another “spin” on the material as each time I lead a workshop it seems to come across totally different! Go to Introduction to Codependence and scroll down to the links of each class, and click on each link and you’ll have access to the notes and another version of the recording and blog! Hope that helps! Glad to have you on the journey with us! Blessings!

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