Chapter 3: Emotional Strongholds

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Body, Soul Spirit Handout

Today we learned about emotional strongholds, and how our emotions need to be felt, validated and then dealt with properly. This is no easy task! That’s because when emotions overtake us, we easily fall victim to them and respond as though we are forced to comply with their “power.” For example, when we experience fear, we feel that fear has a grip on us that can’t be overcome. When we feel rejection, we feel that we are unworthy and unacceptable. When we feel angry, we feel the need to resent or retaliate. However real our feelings are, the truth is that they have a belief driving them. For example, fear is not an isolated condition. Fear is attached to a focal point, There is an actual reason for fear.
Recovery is two-fold. First, we want to begin to capture faulty beliefs and replace them with truth. Then, we also want to learn how to feel pain in a healthy way. Pain doesn’t go away just because we trust God. Pain still hurts, and sometimes when we are vulnerable to feeling pain, it can hurt even more intense. Because pain won’t just disappear, we must learn how to bring our pain to God. It is with Him that we can learn to express our pain effectively, and in turn receive His supernatural resources including love, joy and peace.
Today’s class dealt with material outside of the workbook, so I attached a file to provide the visual we discussed. If you aren’t sure quite yet how to digest this, don’t worry. We are only getting started.
Next week I can’t wait to look at Love Systems. While it can be a bit painful in its method of revealing, I believe this marks the turning point: the place where change begins. I want to remind you that God’s love is a powerful and potent remedy. When you come into its authentic influence, it will change you. I’m not talking about romantic emotional love. I mean the encounter of God through the power of the Holy Spirit. God is not only real, He is available to be in an active relationship with us. Because we have misunderstood and been modeled love improperly, we often place a faulty belief on Him. In fact, the entire area of love has been oftentimes been misaligned. That’s why confronting it is a vital part of this process.


Read Chapter 4 on Love Systems and answer all questions.

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