Chapter 20: Built for Eternity

We made it! This is our last and final class of A House that Grace Built. And this class puts everything in perspective. Eternity isn’t oftentimes the conversation piece we want to have, but in the Kingdom, it is everything. We simply can’t make sense of this world without the proper view. This class sought to seal everything up into a redemptive formula. Not only that, but our purpose now becomes more vivid when have the proper framing. My prayer is that you’ll run this race of life with courage and strength, not of your own, but  in Jesus. Knowing who you are, who you belong to and knowing where you are going. In the end, your journey of recovery has more value than we can even comprehend. It is preparing us not only in the here and now, but also for that day when we will see Jesus face to face. Are you ready? What glorious hope that awaits us.

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Chapter 20

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