Chapter 16: Gates of Glory

For those of you following by blog only, I apologize for the delay. Chapter 16 was a sweet chapter that reminded us of the important functions God performs in our lives. The burning question (and sometimes debate) – is it possible to access the presence of God? The Old Testament temple did just that. As temples of the Holy Spirit in New Testament Christianity, it should be clear that the Holy Spirit indwelling us is something we can experience, not just a theology we are meant learn. I can’t quite articulate how passionate I am about people encounter God personally. I could teach this type of lesson until I’m blue in the face, but it’s not until this experiential form of Christianity becomes your personal reality that it will contain merit. That’s why my deepest prayer is that you will KNOW Him. I don’t mean know in your head, I mean experience knowledge of Him by virtue of experience. This lesson try to walk you through the components of accessing God’s presence, and protecting His gates. I pray you enjoy.

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Chapter 16