Spiritual Warfare

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Chapter 15 notes

This week’s class was perhaps the most important. In my years working in recovery and dealing with the many different scenarios that arise, I feel that spiritual warfare is the most misunderstood. Perhaps this is the area where people are most vulnerable to the enemy’s attempts to keep them from living out freedom. I certainly don’t say that provoke fear, but to be vigilant, to be aware, to understand the enemy’s tactics and devices. Most Christians make one of two mistakes in discerning warfare:

  1. They underemphasize the power of the demonic realm, and believe that being Christian is enough to overcome and be victorious. Thus, as they deal with different difficulties, they focus on people and behaviors, not recognizing the enemy’s part.
  2. They overemphasize spiritual warfare, blaming the enemy for everything, and labeling everything as “warfare.” Thus, when various situations arise where they need to repent, confess, or deal with an area in their own soul, they blame the enemy and thus remain in some form of denial.

In this class, I sought to uncover the strategies of the enemy, as well as the methods we can use in God’s power and the name of Jesus to  overcome. There is nothing pretty about warfare, but at the same time, if you recognize the magnificent reality of life in Jesus as His bride and child of the King, you can be confident and able to overcome. . Not in your own strength or might, but in the power of God’s resources and His spiritual weapons.