The Christian Codependence Recovery Workbook:
From Surviving to Significance
by Stephanie Tucker

The Christian Codependence Recovery Workbook places you on a journey of awareness, understanding, application and genuine recovery from the destructive emotions and behaviors of codependence. It also challenges you to engage in new relationship and love styles based on God’s truth and guiding principles. You will:

* Understand “codependence” from a biblical perspective
* Learn defining core issues associated with codependent tendencies
* Embrace application points to overcome root issues and emotional strongholds
* Find genuine freedom in God’s purpose and identity for your life
* Apply God’s healing principles in relationship issues

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Please note: The book and the workbook are both mandatory for workshop participation! Books available on-site.

A House that Grace Built:
 Moving Beyond Codependence to Embrace God’s Design for Love, Intimacy and Wholeness
by Stephanie Tucker

In The Christian Codependence Recovery Workbook we confronted the distorted patterns of codependence, and faced the lies that held us back from seeing God, ourselves and others accurately. In this next book, we will move beyond the lifestyle of codependence and self-sufficiency to embrace God’s plan for love, intimacy and wholeness.

God gave us all the resources necessary to rebuild and redesign a future that aligns with His established purposes. A House that Grace Built offers the blueprint of how God desires to grow us through His grace, redeem our human relationships and carry out our life calling. This process includes:

Learning to embrace healthy coping mechanisms to replace and eliminate the destructive emotions and behaviors of codependence permanently
Allowing the process of true change and growth to be developed in and through us in our mind, emotions and decision-making capabilities.
Detaching from unhealthy relationship styles, while embracing God-given methods of intimacy and love
Cleansing and purifying each relationship using the resources of grace and redemption
Developing healthy tools of defense based on God’s weapons, not our human methods of self-protection
Gaining an unshakable foundation of hope and security in the eternal promises and reality of who God is, and who we are through Him – both now and throughout eternity

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Please note: The book and the workbook are both mandatory for workshop participation! Books available on-site.

A House that Grace Built Workbook u0026amp; JournalBookCoverImage
by Stephanie Tucker

This is a companion workbook for a House that Grace Built (it needs to be purchased with A House that Grace Built)!

A House that Grace Built leads us beyond codependence to discover a life empowered and led by our Creator. By learning to understand His design for life and relationships, we can leave our survival skills and walk into our callings and destinies as children of God. But as we quickly find, learning something in our head is much different from understanding it in our heart. This companion workbook takes us chapter by chapter through the concepts and lessons taught in A House that Grace Built, asking questions that provoke us to search, assess and understand at deeper levels the principles it contains. Through the use of various charts, worksheets and other helpful tools, we have the opportunity to not only put behind our dysfuntional relationship patterns, but to embrace and live our lives God’s way.

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Christian Families in Recovery
by Robert and Stephanie TuckerFinal-Book-Icon

This workbook provides a guide to securing God’s perspective and gaining His tools to cope with addiction’s viscous entanglement. It will reveal and disclose how and why the addict comes under the destructive force, and in turn, how the family also experiences negative consequences. Most of all, this book is written to shine light into the confusion of addiction, and to inject hope by offering a redemptive point of view. It will guide the family both through active addiction and then into the hope of the recovery process.

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