Family Planning

This class finished the Christian Families in Recovery Workbook focusing on the Family Plan found in Chapter 12. This is imperative information for a family to use as they attempt to walk into a new design and the detailed nature of true and lasting change within the guidelines of boundaries.

Facing Addiction

This class looks at Chapters 1-4 and identifies with the addict and the family members the true nature of addiction. It will cover addiction from a physical, emotional and spiritual perspective, using the framework of God’s love, but His ferocious desire for the addict’s release from bondage. Do you need some additional encouragement? We’ve included …

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Spiritual Warfare

In my years working in recovery and dealing with the many different scenarios that arise, I feel that spiritual warfare is the most misunderstood. Perhaps this is the area where people are most vulnerable to the enemy’s attempts to keep them from living out freedom. I certainly don’t say that provoke fear, but to be …

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