Step inTO a time of peace, inner wellness & the tools to walk towards freedom.

We are now accepting applications. 

We all crave to be healthy, whole and able to fulfill our God-given destiny. When we experience pain, trauma,  failed relationships or the lack of fulfillment of our hopes and dreams, we can feel disillusioned. Is Jesus really enough? Where is He and how does He help us?

Some of our issues require more in depth care that a doctor or mental health professional needs to address. But sometimes, we need to learn to encounter Jesus as He is – and find the power of healing that He offers. The examples of the Bible give us the roadmap of God’s heart. They are not history stories – they are powerful and very real encounters with the reality of the Person of Jesus Christ. People experienced a divine breakthrough that cut through disbelief, despair, hopelessness, affliction or lies. It brought them on the pathway of their God-given destiny.

In a healing intensive, we will tell our story and ask to be invited into Jesus’ point of view. We will process out the human realities we faced, the emotions we felt and the needs we experienced which weren’t met. In that, we will learn to apply foundational truths that are activated through the Holy Spirit in a real and personal way. Our goal is find that same divine breakthrough where the truth of Jesus breaks down the barriers in our heart. An intensive won’t fix everything, but it can align our hearts to properly walk out our spiritual walk of faith.


  • Onsite intensives are located in Temecula wine country in a private ranch-like setting surrounded by nature.
  •  Private or semi-private rooms are available. Housing is optional  – you can choose any housing option you prefer.

The intensive includes:

  • On-site rooms (if desired) with breakfast, snacks and a celebration dinner. Additional services are available including hot air balloon rides and horseback riding.
  • Activation projects developed to connect you with your story; while connecting you to the heart of Jesus.
  • Assessment tools to understand fear, trauma and responses to find stability and safety internally.
  • An understanding of the tools of the judicial process of heaven; how to remove personal guilt, and how to unlock the keys to freedom from those who violated us.
  • The development of intimacy and rest by learning how to meditate on God’s truth.
  • The acquisition of  the skills of self awareness through God’s perspective.
  • The learning of relational tools to deal with damaged or broken relationships, understanding the power of applying grace  and seeing people through God’s heart.
  • The commitment to believe in the hope of the destiny and plan of God’s design for our lives.

Who will lead this:

The intensive is led by Stephanie Tucker, an inner healing codependence professional who has worked in this arena for almost twenty years. 

Who qualifies:

  • We have male and female options for individual intensives. 
  • You must be stable and able to confront trauma and negative life experiences.
  • Desire a spiritual encounter using God’s Word and the Holy Spirit. Everything we do is natured after God’s truth – but we use interactive tools that seek to get you out of intellect and into the heart. 
  • Be free for a five night, five-day experience without any massive interruptions.

We will assess if you have any of the following conditions:

  • If you are presently suicidal or recently had a suicide attempt we do not recommend this intensive. It can be a trigger; and your safety matters most. We recommend something slower paced.
  • You may not be eligible if  you are on certain psychiatric medications or beginning new medications (we can assess your individual situation)
  • If you are diagnosed with an advanced mental health condition, we ask that you provide a clearance from a  healthcare professional. 

What is included ?

The intensive will include groups, resources, classes, individual prayer counseling, and inner healing with 20 hours of intense work, and also scheduled activities, fellowship and homework. A follow up of six individual counseling sessions is included that you receive upon home.

What is the cost? 

The cost of the group intensive is $1900 that you pay in the form of a donation. This includes housing (if desired), five-day intensive program and three follow up sessions. The cost of individual intensives varies and are customized according to a needs assessment. 

 Do you have more questions? 

Contact Stephanie Tucker at or text her at 714.457.3803.