Intro to Coda: Chapter 5 – Surrender


The topic of surrender came to us on a cold and rainy day in Southern California! Yes, we are spoiled rotten and rain practically shuts us down completely! Still, alot of people managed to show up and display the commitment to work through this. I have been amazed to witness the faithfulness! For those of you who couldn’t make it – no shame here! Just for the record, I too cancelled an afternoon appointment and I completely understand.

Still, I want to impress on you the importance of this class. There is no subject more needful or difficult to comprehend than surrender. In this single principle EVERYTHING is laid on the line. Surrender will determine the outcome from here on out.

Rather than explain what we discussed today, I encourage you to listen or watch the webinar recording. If you are reading this in the blog post, be sure to click inside to access the audio (it doesn’t show up on the e-mail). I pray that you will find, as we did, that God truly did show up today. 

Today’s class is also preparing us for the courageous journey of self-examination that will be dealt with in Chapter 6. This is where faith will need to take over and we will need to believe that God can deal with the hurts that we have carried. It’s also where some give up and go back to a lifestyle they feel unable to change. Can I encourage you to press into the character of God and call Him out on the basis of His Word RIGHT NOW? Can I challenge you to bring to Him your need and ask Him to do for you what you can’t do for Yourself? Can I just implore to NOT GIVE UP! God is real, He does care for You, and He has a plan in everything right now. His only requirement? Give it to Him. 

Webinar Recording

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Next Week:

Read and complete Chapter 6  – begin to work on inventories! Please note: you will have several weeks to continue through this!

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