If you have any questions about this training program, feel free to contact Stephanie Tucker at or direct at 714.457.3803

Are you empowered to lead?

In a broken world, people are looking for hope. You have been through the things that other identify with. You can see people that are hurting, and you know what its like. Your superpower isn’t formal training as much as it is living, solid proof that Jesus worked in your life. 

We are looking to raise recovery leaders that have been restored by Jesus through recovery principles.  The candidates are those that have been influenced by the training and/or healing resources through Spirit of Life. If you’ve never learned about us, browse through our resources and see if it is something you want for yourself. 

Classes Forming Fall 20 and January 2021

What is a coach?

A coach is a mentor who can walk with a person through the difficulties and the excitement of life's situations. Using the "levels of growth" model developed by Spirit of Life, you will learn to find where people on their journey, and assist them into "next level" living. A coach isn't a counselor - they are helping people reach recovery goals and hold them accountable to a level of structure. Counseling looks through the past, and coaching deals with the present and the future.

Contents of Programs

We will look at the various content that Spirit of Life has as well as outside content to develop the "meat" of the program. But that isn't how you are equipped. Through training, we want to develop the heart of Father God in us - so we can give that away. We aren't looking for mechanically taught theologians. We are looking for broken hearts that have been healed. You will learn to pray for others. You will learn to be ministered by in the power that you give to others. You will learn empathy and how to communicate with someone hurting. You will learn boundaries and how to know when to help, and when to refer people. We will look through the cycles of pain to assess ourselves and to hear and understand the different roles being presented.

Coaching will include:
12 modules that include introduction, assessment, content, communication, empathy and spiritual development.

Are you a candidate?

If you don’t know where to start, we encourage you to start reading The Christian Codependence Recovery Workbook. This is a mandatory book to be read prior before registering for this training! 


Most frequent questions and answers

We were formed in 2009 as a non-profit church designed to birth healing, freedom and restoration in individuals and partners. Our resources are used worldwide and are approved by Focus on the Family. 

Spirit of Life Recovery is an education  with The Association of Christian Drug & Alcohol Counselors. It is developing partnerships with local colleges. While our coaching program is not  certified, our counseling program is and follows the same guidelines. Therefore, this certification will be a product of Spirit of Life Ministries. 

Our coaching program will include an inaugural rate and then will be promoted to a higher rate. Please contact to learn more. 

We will develop new classes as the need arises. 

This training is taught by Stephanie Tucker, but may have other teachers help on specific topics. 

Some content will be live, while others will be on-demand. All classes are held ONLINE only. There will be a weekly live event. You will be developing projects by breaking into partners. As we develop, we hope to offer weekend retreat to coincide with this training. This program is evolving, and is subject to change!