This is about you.

You spend time helping others.  You exhaust yourself trying to figure out how to organize, manage and balance life. Take the time to get your know yourself and be nourished. The benefit of an intensive is that you are connected with a small group of woman who share in similar dynamics. 

Where hope lives

There is no other you. There is no one who can replace you. God can take what seems like a mess and make it beautiful. In His own time, in His own way. He is the author, you are the main character - and the chapter you are at today isn't the end of the story. Abide, rest, find Him. He is faithful to weave everything together and use all things for your benefit and His glory.

Read, write, express and feel

Maybe that sounds scary? Read, write, express and feel? That’s what the workshop is about. It’s not just about gaining skills and tools, it’s about being raw and finding what’s going on inside of you. In codependence cycles, feelings are shut down. In healing cycles, they are embraced. Your story and your voice will be heard and you will find that in welcoming rather than hiding is where true power and transformation is found. 

In this process, we will:  

  • Understand codependence and how it cycles
  • Learn about our driving issues development in original family systems and how those play out today
  • Understand our emotional life and embrace it for all it was intended to be
  • Seek to see and comprehend how we learned loved
  • Unravel from control
  • Learn grace versus shame
  • Comprehend the magnitude of forgiveness and restoration
  • Embrace a healthy identity
  • Learn healthy boundaries


Most frequent questions and answers

An intensive provides more structure and support. They  sometimes held in shorter time periods with more content at one time. Otherwise times they are just like a regular group, but with a smaller  focus. They differ from a workshop/class because they are intimate and totally interactive. You will do projects together as a team. 

We will be following The Christian Codependence Recovery Workbook, but additional materials will be incorporated. We will sometimes go off script and seize on other concepts that will help with deeper concepts or will help process a concept. 

To make this process worth it, it will be personalized and more intensive. We request a donation of $150. This can be broken up into payments. If you need to, you can request a scholarship. Keep in mind we are a 501-c3 organization, and if you donate more it is a tax deductible contribution. 

We constantly keep groups going and interest lists forming,, so you can simply contact Stephanie Tucker at and we will let you know when we are ready to form a new group. 

Following the workshop, you will remain in your online group through our website community. You are encouraged to stay connected to the extent that it is beneficial. Our ideal is that you find life-long community that you can engage with through the many learning experiences you will have following the workshop. 

This intensive will be led by our own Stephanie Tucker! Future intensive may be led by others. 

We will be offering other intensive options including A House that Grace Built and our new workshop forming on overcoming fear and anxiety . 

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