FAQS A House that Grace Built 2018 Workshop

About the Workshop

Thank you for joining us on a journey of hope, healing and new beginnings. This is a courageous step into unknown territories as we seek to take the hand of God, and seize His purposes for our lives. And to do this, we are going to ask God to give us a deeper understanding of what is happening in our internal world. A House that Grace Built is a tool to help us see how God desires to construct our relational life from His perspective. It will dive into areas such as intimacy, boundaries, honor, authority, redemption, spiritual warfare and the seizing of our God ordained purpose.

The principles contained in this book are not teachable intellectually. This is not a “how to” guide or even a step program. Instead, whatever you learn will require your participation – experientially –  to activate the principles contained. That means God will teach you what you need to learn in real life, through real circumstances and through actually having the opportunity to apply a remedy.

Before  you freak out, I want you to know that’s what makes it so exciting. Each person will journey this differently – and each need brought into this workshop will have a unique perspective. And Jesus, in all His lovingkindness – will meet us where we at, personally and with great precision. How do I know? Because that’s what He does – over and over again. It never ceases to amaze me how He chases us down and will fight for us when we truly are ready to surrender.

Some of what we will experience will be basted in pure joy and immediate change.  There is a miraculous side of God’s love and the power of His Spirit. But some of it, perhaps most, is gradual transformation. Walking out the pathway of redemption is messy and sometimes painful. But it is the entrance of grace – the glorious doorway to the life God designed for each of us; paved by the affectionate interest in our well being – and the eternal purposes of His glory.


Who is leading this group?

This group is being led by Stephanie Tucker. I will be teaching, running the group and authoring the blogs. You are always welcome to reach out to me with any questions, comments or concerns. My e-mail is stephanie@newlifespiritrecovery.com or stephanie@spiritofliferecovery.com. I can’t be contacted by phone, but we have a main office number if you need to speak to someone directly. That number is 866.543.3361.

Where will I find recordings/posts?

This page will link to a weekly blog post that will include the class highlights, the homework and the previous video. If you are not attending live, please pick up these blogs each week.

Where can I find the link for the online class live session?

All session information has been e-mailed privately to you. If you have not registered yet, please do that right now and you’ll receive an e-mail with all the instructions! Register Now!

Where can I purchase A House that Grace Built?

You can purchase a hard copy of A House that Grace Built through Amazon. You can also purchase the corresponding workbook through Amazon. You will receive a free download on PDF of both these workshops when you register.

Does this workshop cost money?

We do request a minimum donation of $10.00 to participate in this workshop. 100% of donations are used towards Spirit of Life Recovery services. If you cannot afford a donation, we are blessed to scholarship this to you. This is a non-manipulative environment – please do as God leads.

What will you do with my donation?

Your donation is a tax deductible gift. We use all donations to help offset the costs of running both online and onsite programs. I do not receive your donation for personal use. Rather, you are helping others find freedom and hope through the resources we offer. We appreciate you sowing into this ministry and the Kingdom! If you have any questions regarding financial accountability, please don’t hesitate to contact me personally – stephanie@newlifespiritrecovery.com

When will this session end?

We can’t provide an exact date, because it depends on the pace of this core group involved. We may wrap up in 20 weeks, we may extend up to 24 weeks. That sounds long, but this isn’t a process to be rushed – it’s one to be absorbed. The length offers many situations and scenarios to be presented. The classroom and reading isn’t where transformation takes place – it happens in your personal time with the Lord, and in the circumstances He presents to you. The class equips you and prepares you – but those situations present you with application opportunities. Trust me – you will experience both success and failure along the way. That is all part of the glorious adventure of life in Jesus! I encourage to embrace the long-term nature of this workshop and you will find that it truly is a gift!

Will there be group sharing outside the workshop?

As of right now, we don’t have anything set up officially other than this page. But we will see how the group itself is formed. Connection is part of healing – I’m willing to accommodate multiple requests for either chat groups, online forums, alternatives time for phone group, etc. It really will be directed by the needs presented in this group.

Are there follow up services?

Yes! We can offer you counseling and/or treatment services should you feel you need more intensive help. You can look at those offerings right here on the website, or call our main hotline at 866.543.3361.

When is the training session?

I will send another e-mail for people to sign up for a training session. I will provide that information as we progress in the workshop. It will be completely set apart from this workshop. I am offering at the end of this workshop because the most important prerequisite is the actual completion of the workshop itself!