Chapter 7: Sacred Rooms of Intimacy

Chapter 7: The Sacred Rooms of Intimacy

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We are continuing to move through the intimacy section, as we are seeing the different ways intimacy was misunderstood or misplaced. I want to encourage you that God is BIG enough to deal with the things that are revealed. He does not leave us  helpless, but can only true help us when we are dealing with the truth and honoring His principles.  Our desire throughout these next chapters is to begin to honor His methods and purposes of human relationships.

Seeing the rooms of marriage and parenting are typically the most sensitive, thus can be the most painful. There are reasons for that. That’s because these rooms were intended to be the most intimate, and contain reservoirs that house a deeper level capacity to love and connect. Thus, when that intimacy is broken or invalidated, there will be consequences. If we could begin to visual entering the rooms of our heart, we must remember that we are not going there alone. We are bringing Jesus with us, and asking Him to give us the eyes to see what the room contains. This is important, because if there has been some significant difficulties inside we could let those speak to us more than what Jesus wants to speak over the situation. 

Brothers and sisters, Jesus is your spouse and the lover of your soul. He wants you to be validated in the purpose of your human relationships. But wherever a room is broken, walls are shattered or precious sacredness has been contaminated, believe that your God can and will show up with resources – namely His grace – to deal with it. In fact, remember, by definition, that grace is the supernatural resources of God to make up for ANYTHING that is missing, broken or incomplete. 

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