Chapter 6: Breaking Free from Denial


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The truth confrontation process is the most critical aspect of healing. We can’t heal what we don’t first recognize as the potential cause of the problem. In the medical system, doctors always assess and diagnose before they prescribe the treatment plan. Just the same, we must be willing to better understand the cause and roots of why we have experienced so much pain. While facing truth can be overwhelming, it is the pathway of freedom. This is where change begins. This is where we can begin to see the benefits of living life through the scope of Gods’ truth rather than under the toxic covering of lies.

When facing some of the challenging painful trauma and circumstances, you may recognize you need support. Don’t fight this battle alone. If you aren’t in a support group, please find a friend or trust leader in your life to pray with you. If you need one on one support, you are welcome to fill out a counseling application.

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