Chapter 4: Power of Connection

Chapter 4: Power of Connection

This class will help us to understand both what we are giving and injecting into our relationships, and what we are receiving from others. It should be remarkably clear how much our relationships require God’s resources, and how desperately unable they work apart from Him. Thus, survival living simply did all it knew how to do: get needs met.

I want to encourage you that learning these principles is NOT to condemn you. It’s to help you walk with God and see life from His perspective. God’s call in our lives relationally is going to be to love. This is crazy different from codependence love. But it is still radical.

Are you ready to have eyes to see and have a heart to carry the burdens for people God carries? Do you want more than just the surface level experience that really lacks substance? Strap on your seat belt. We are going for a ride – and the destination is God’s heart!

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