Chapter 4: Love Systems



This week we covered the topic of love. And what a topic indeed! The class focused mostly on the concept of needing access to God’s love in order to be able to give that love to others. We also looked at some of the faulty systems that can be resurrected when we don’t know how to connect to God. My number one priority in this workshop is to help articulate the need for us to be connected to God through authentic intimacy. The two greatest areas that causes people not to pursue God is a disbelief that He really loves, cares and is involved; and downright fear of what may happen if intimacy were to occur.

Be sure to read the chapter in context in order to get the full purpose of this chapter! What I teach on will not cover the specifics that are covered in the book.

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Codependence Workshop 4

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Tuesday, December 2nd at 10:30 am PST – We are off next week! We’ll be covering Chapter 5 on Surrender and Control.