Chapter 2: Season of Preparation

Chapter 2: Season of Preparation

We had an intense conversation on grief. While sometimes it seems like a topic we’d rather avoid, if we got honest, it’s at the heart of our lives. The greatest need we have is to learn how to both feel the pain, and experience God in His fullness. If that occurs, there is a guaranteed wealth of results! Topics such as grief, suffering and coping barely get attention in most mainstream circles of Christianity – and yet, this is it. Learning the gift of grief, release and true healing is far more satisfying than simply receive the desires of this world. Through this tool, pain is something we can embrace as part of the journey – rather than dread and run. Even better, it frames the Author of this world and ushers us into the reality of the presence and power of God. He really does reign in the midst of a broken world. And He really did overcome!

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