Chapter 2: Family Systems


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God created the family system as a safe haven for us to grow and prepare for the life He designed. However, oftentimes His design is far from our reality. God’s purposes are always good and right, but when we live outside the bounds of His intentions, devastating consequences can happen. Learn how and why our family roots affect us today, and how we can prepare to let God’s love and heart of a Father rewire our minds and begin to transform us into sons and daughters of the Most High King.

Do you struggle with idea of “looking back?” You aren’t alone. We won’t look at our roots to blame, neither will we look back to stay in the past. We are going to understand the seeds that were planted in our families situations, and the fruit they have produced (cause and effect). God allows us to look back only to the extent that it affects our heart in the “now”. In reality, we look back to heal, and then we can move on. Most people can’t move into their God-appointed destiny because the past has locked them into mindsets and beliefs that are far from God’s heart.

Being willing to see and evaluate this can be very difficult. But finding faulty beliefs and aligning those beliefs with God’s heart is where change will begin.

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Chapter 2